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In 2021, Kaizen Solutions carried out some of the supply and installation works for some light current systems at Princess Samiha Kamel Palace in Zamalek area. The systems supplied and installed are:  Supply and installation of ( CCTV – Data Show –  Sound System ).

Princess Samiha Kamel Palace

It is located in the Zamalek district of Cairo. It was established in 1320 AH / 1902 AD, then it was bought by Princess Samiha bint Sultan Hussein Kamel, who loved the arts very much and recommended that the palace be allocated for cultural purposes. The palace was turned into the Greater Cairo Library in 1995 AD.

The palace was built in the Andalusian Islamic style, and it consists of a basement and three floors. The palace has four facades in addition to the circular tower located in the southern corner and resembles the towers of medieval war castles. It also appeared in the decorations of its buildings influenced by Andalusian, Moroccan, Ottoman, Renaissance arts and influenced by Roman and Greek architecture, so that the palace has already become a collector of various arts, and on the third floor there is a circular hall that was used as a studio for Princess Samiha.