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Metal Detection System

Walk-Through Metal Detectors are available with different numbers of
detection zones, i.e. 18 ,12 ,6 ,2 ,1 and 33 zones, the greater number of
detection’s zones the more accurate the location of metallic object on
the person can be determined, saving operator time.
In an airport application with a high throughput of passengers, it
is extremely important.
18 or 33 zone detectors are normally deployed in this type of application
and other locations where high throughput of people is required.
The level of detection sensitivity can be adjusted to meet varying threats.
Hand Held Metal Detectors are used by Security, Police and Military
officers to carry out a non-invasive search of a person for metallic items.
Various types of Hand Held Metal Detectors are available to meet different
types of threats with varying levels detection sensitivities.