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Elalamya Modern Contracting

About company :
The International Company for Modern Contracting and Electromechanical Works appreciates the role of the state, its efforts and aspirations in keeping pace with development, and striving towards the future through the expansions that the country is witnessing in the development of infrastructure and urban expansions in all sectors.
Since 2010, we have been working in the contracting sector, and we are keen to strive forward with sincere effort and firm determination to have an effective role in building the nation.
We have made our mark by participating in some giant projects that we have contributed to implementing within the limits of the company’s purpose.
This is done by trained and qualified cadres to achieve local and global leadership and to achieve competitiveness with local and international specialized companies operating in the same field in Egypt.

The message :
Leadership in the implementation of projects with the highest standards of quality and safety.
That the global company be a global company that operates with high responsibility, takes creativity and innovation as an approach, and presents its work in a competitive, high-quality manner, and that we continue to distinguish…
Objectives :
1- Discrimination in the implementation of projects.
2- Upgrading the level of work within local and international standards.
3- Harnessing all the technical and administrative energies of the company for distinguished work.
4- Exchanging knowledge and experience and establishing strong relationships between us and our clients whose service we share.